Black Algae Cleaning & Removal

If black pool algae is keeping you out of the water, Pure Water Pool Services can help restore your Las Vegas or Henderson pool to its refreshing, crystal-clear state. Because black algae is [...]

Weekly Pool Service

Protect your swimming pool with weekly pool service by Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a clear and beautiful pool (ready for fun when you are) it’s vital to make sure cleaning [...]

Green Pool Cleaning

Get rid of green algae by scheduling a green pool cleaning with the sparkling pool team at Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas and Henderson. Swimming in algae blooms feels gross and comes with its own [...]

Salt Water Pool Service

Las Vegas and Henderson salt water pool owners can rely on us at Pure Water Pool Services for all their swimming pool maintenance needs. Your salt water swimming pool requires specialized [...]

Pool Tile Cleaning

At Pure Water Pool Services, here for you in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, we offer thorough, professional pool tile cleaning services. Dirt and pool chemical build-up can be unsightly and [...]

Pool Acid Wash

Get your swimming pool crystal clean again with an acid wash from Pure Water Pool Services serving you in the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area. Sometimes it takes a lot more than a little elbow grease [...]

Pool Algae Cleaning & Removal

Leave pool algae cleaning and removal to the professionals at Pure Water Pool Services, serving you in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV. Nobody likes walking outside to discover that an algae bloom [...]

Chlorine Bath

Let Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas and Henderson be your go-to pool technicians for swimming pool or hot tub chlorine baths. If the water in your pool is old and filled with minerals, or it's [...]

Pool Filter Cleaning

Keep up with pool filter cleaning and other important, but tedious pool maintenance tasks with Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas, NV. We offer both residential and HOA services to keep your [...]