Protect your swimming pool with weekly pool service by Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a clear and beautiful pool (ready for fun when you are) it’s vital to make sure cleaning and maintenance happen regularly.

Don’t overuse the wrong cleaning solutions and cause unsafe levels of chemicals. Never forget to test the water, scrub the algae off the hard to reach places, empty those pesky baskets, or check your equipment for leaks.

Keep Your Sanity

It’s easy to keep your sanity (or save your marriage) when you leave these chores to us and hire a professional pool cleaning company who knows how to expertly keep the pool clean and balanced. No back pain, no trial and error, no being sold the wrong products at the pool supply store, and no hassle.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service in Las Vegas
Year Round Pool Cleaning
Weekly Pool Cleaning Service in Las Vegas
Prevent Your Pool From Turning Green

What’s Included In Our Weekly Service?

We provide full chemical balancing and cleaning service in our weekly pool service. Each pool has different challenges, so we need to see the size and features to provide an accurate quote.

  • Balance Chemical Levels & ph
  • Filter & Circulation Checks
  • Leaf & Debris Removal
  • Net & Vacuum As Needed
  • Check Pool Water Levels
  • Pool Robot Cleaning
  • Skimmer Basket Cleaning
  • Scrubbing Walls, Steps, & Benches
  • Inspect & Maintain Equipment
  • Water Leak & Blockage Checks
  • Water Flow Control
  • Removal of Garbage & Hazards

Included & Provided: chlorine tablets, shock treatments, pH balancers, conditioner and more.

Add-Ons & Additional Services

Some services are NOT included in our weekly service plans and will have additional fees: Filter cleanings, acid washes, chlorine baths, tile cleaning & bead blasting, calcium removal, leak repair, equipment troubleshooting and repair, pool draining, new pool start-ups, green to cleans, and other one-time services.

Don’t worry, we do our best to keep overhead low so we can keep our rates affordable and at reasonable prices.

A Safer, Cleaner Swim

Debris and clogged filters encourage algae stains and bacteria to grow and spread making your pool a hazard waiting to happen. To keep your pool safe, bright and sparkling, our professional maintenance and cleaning company is here to provide you with full pool service.

Pool Filter Cleaning - Before
Filter Cleaning - Before
Pool Filter Cleaning - After
Filter Cleaning - After

Perfectly Balanced Pool Chemistry

Pool chemical maintenance can be difficult. It costs both time and money in equipment and troubleshooting. Having our pool technicians stop by on a weekly schedule is perfect for families with children and those who enjoy hosting parties.

You’ll always know your spa, hot tub or swimming pool water is balanced and ready for good times. You can also avoid storing potentially dangerous chemicals for pets and children to get into.

Avoid Emergency Repairs

When your pool is getting weekly attention by our full-service professionals, equipment such as the filters, heaters, plumbing, and automated systems are also being checked often.

These regular inspections of your pool’s systems will save you money on your pool in the long run. We can catch problems early and maintain, fix, or replace any broken pool parts.

#1 Pool Cleaning Company In Las Vegas

Neglecting to check filters, empty baskets, and scrub surfaces can cause a snowball effect of problems. But who has the time? Nobody wants to spend free time sweating over tiles and measuring chemicals.

To start your weekly pool service, contact Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas and Henderson today. Our crew can also repair and install pool parts and equipment, maintain saltwater systems and hot tubs, and so much more. Find out how we can serve you.