Las Vegas and Henderson salt water pool owners can rely on us at Pure Water Pool Services for all their swimming pool maintenance needs. Your salt water swimming pool requires specialized maintenance check-ups that are different from a traditional chlorine pool. That’s where our experienced technicians come in.

Our Salt Water Pool Services

One of the most excellent benefits to a salt system is the significantly lower cost to operate. This doesn’t mean you can ignore cleaning, chemical balance, and other regular maintenance. Unfortunately, for the new salt water pool owner, there can be a learning curve when it’s time to perform service or fix problems.

Our technicians can save you time and money by taking the guesswork out of maintaining a salt water swimming pool.

  • Pool Shock Treatments
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Algae & Cloudy Water Cleaning
  • Salt Water & Chemical Balancing
  • Salt Water Pump Adjustments
  • Corrosion Protection Treatments
  • Chlorine Generator Testing
  • Cartridge Filter Maintenance
  • Salt Cell Inspection & Cleaning
  • Salt Water Hot Tub Maintenance

We Know Salt Water Pools

For optimum performance from your salt water pool’s systems, it’s vital that you hire salt water pool professionals to check critical cleaning and filtration systems regularly. Our pool technicians are also equipped with the tools and knowledge to test your salt water system’s chemical levels and balance them accordingly.

Ready To Enjoy All Year

In order to enjoy your pool all year, it must be maintained year round. We manage and check all the vitals of your pool on a regularly scheduled basis. This keeps your pool sparkling and ready for fun at a moments notice. Pool parties, barbecues, summer fun or a cool winter dip are all at your fingertips with regularly scheduled salt water pool service.

Salt Water Pool Services In Las Vegas

Contact us at Pure Water Pool Services today for all of your salt water swimming pool needs. We are proud to serve you throughout Henderson and the greater Las Vegas Valley. Start enjoying your pool or hot tub every day of the year. We provide the services that make that possible.