Leave pool algae cleaning and removal to the professionals at Pure Water Pool Services, serving you in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV. Nobody likes walking outside to discover that an algae bloom has taken over their swimming pool. Let us help you get rid of this unwelcome guest with our reliable Vegas Valley pool cleaning services.

Why Does Algae Grow In Pools?

Alga is a plant-like organism related to seaweed. These tiny aquatic organisms can multiply rapidly given the right conditions. Some types can grow in the shade, but most require some light to thrive. There are several different types of algae that grow in pools.

  • Green Algae
  • Brown Algae
  • Blue-Green Or Black Algae
  • Mustard / Yellow Algae
  • Pink Algae

Why You Have A Green Pool

Green algae are the most common type found in pools. It’s usually found floating in the water and creates that green color you might be familiar with. Your pool surfaces can become coated with this green, slimy substance, making accidents more likely.

Yellow, Black Or Blue-Green

Yellow or mustard algae is a wall clinging variety. This type is usually found in shady areas of the pool and can be very tough to eradicate. Reinfection is common, making DIY efforts frustrating and costly.

Black algae appear as dark black or blue-green spots and can also be extremely difficult to get rid of. It has strong roots and a protective layer over the top of the plant. It can extend its roots into your pool’s plaster or the grout around your tile.

If the roots are not completely destroyed, they can and will grow back in the same places over and over again.

Pink Is A Pain

Pink algae will appear as streaks or spots in crevices and corners of the pool, especially on smooth surfaces. Look in areas of your swimming pool or hot tub with low flow or circulation away from the pool cleaner and pool brush.

Why It’s Important To Remove Pool Algae

Algae can make your pool look bad, cause structural and equipment damage, and make visibility and stability more difficult in the water. By neglecting this problem, you also create an environment where dangerous pathogens like E-coli can grow.

  • Clogged Filtration Systems
  • Cracked / Damaged Surfaces
  • Unbalanced Chemical Levels
  • Pool PH Level Problems
  • Sanitation Problems
  • Slippery Surfaces
  • Reduced Visibility
  • Pool Stains

Prevent Pool Problems With Professional Cleaning

It’s important to know that even in clean, clear swimming pools you will find microscopic algae just waiting for the perfect conditions to bloom. Keeping your pool’s water and filtration systems in optimal condition is the best prevention.

When you’re busy, it’s hard to devote the necessary time needed to keep your pool in tip-top shape. Let us help you keep things beautiful and clean without any added stress or aggravation. Your pool can always be swim-ready when you are.

From Green To Clean – Pool Algae Removal

While your best bet is to prevent blooms from ever happening, unfortunately, green pools do happen. If you have green water in your pool, we provide full pool algae cleaning and removal service. If needed, we can also provide pool tile cleaning, pool acid washes, and chlorine baths.

We can handle all of your Las Vegas green pool cleaning needs.

Peace Of Mind For Las Vegas Pool Owners

If you’re a Las Vegas or Henderson area pool owner, at Pure Water Pool Services, we can help prevent algae from causing you problems. Let’s get it removed quickly before more expensive repair and cleanup is needed.

Contact us today to schedule your pool cleaning service.