At Pure Water Pool Services, here for you in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, we offer thorough, professional pool tile cleaning services. Dirt and pool chemical build-up can be unsightly and corrosive and lead to surface damage. To avoid calcium build-up, hard water stains, and staining from algae spores, it’s vital to schedule a tile cleaning with our professional pool cleaning technicians regularly.

The Things That Damage Your Tile

Do you have a white film or crusting on your pool tiles? Those white stains are typically calcium and other harsh chemicals found in your swimming pool’s water. The hot rays of the sun mixed with lime (causes limescale) and calcium can lead to grout and tile damage.

Getting The Grime Off

Over time mineral build-up can lead to expensive repairs. When you hire us at Pure Water Pool Services for a pool bead blasting and tile cleaning treatment, you know you’ll be getting the best cleaning treatment possible.

  • Black Mold & Algae Spore Removal
  • Calcium, Hard Water, & Scale Removal
  • Dirt, Debris, & Stain Removal
  • Microbead Blasting

Grout & Tile Cleaning For Your Pool

Taking care of your pool tiles and grout protects your investment and keeps your pool looking new, fresh and clean. If you’ve never had a pool technician service your pool, you probably require calcium removal from the pool tiles and grout.

Regular Service To Avoid Wear & Tear

To continue to look and perform optimally, there are specific types of maintenance that a pool, just like a home or car, requires. Save your back and your time by turning over the chore of tile cleaning to our professionals. When you make regular pool tile maintenance a priority, you’re investing in your property and saving yourself from the build-up of harmful pathogens, corrosive grime, and annoying stains.

Blast Off The Dirt, Mold, & Film

There are many heavy duty options for deep tile cleaning. Having your tiles cleaned with a mineral soda blasting treatment is gentler than getting an acid wash, which can only be done no more than once a year. Pool bead blasting doesn’t require heavy-duty chlorine rinses or acid washes.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning In Las Vegas

Don’t let dirt, debris, and chemicals remain on the grout and tile of your pool and lead to degradation, cracks, and discoloration. Rely on us at Pure Water Pool Services for all your Las Vegas and Henderson pool tile cleaning needs. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment.