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Your Pool Filter System

Our Vegas desert heat makes having a pool almost a necessity. Pool pump filters are a vital part of your pool’s filtration system, keeping your pool water clean and clear. When in good working order, swimming pool filters work to catch and collect dirt and debris in the pool before it can reach your water lines and pump. Cleaning keeps your pool water and the inner workings of components free from damaging debris and contaminates.

Because of the important job that it does, it makes sense that your pool filter will get dirty with time. Luckily it can be repeatably cleaned before replacement becomes necessary.

Pool Filter Cleaning

How often you need a pool filter cleaning will depend on the type of filters you have along with several other factors. Regular service from a professional pool cleaning company should ensure that you don’t have to worry. 

In the meantime, there are a few things you can be mindful of that may indicate that your filter is needing to be cleaned.

  • The back pressure on the filtration system rises by about 10 PSI.
  • There’s an overall drop in the flow rate of your swimming pool’s circulation.
  • The water in your pool appears to be dirty or cloudy.

Types Of Pool Filters

There are three main types of swimming pool filters. The kind that your pool uses will determine the sort of maintenance and cleaning that is required for proper upkeep.

  • Cartridge Filters – These are the most common and least expensive type of pool filter. Cartridge filters are made out of paper or fabric that catches dirt and debris from the pool’s water. A pool filter cartridge cleaning is generally required every two to six weeks. Cartridges have to be replaced regularly, which can add up to a larger expense in the long run.
  • Sand Filters – This type of filter uses a small ball or cylinder filled with pool sand. Water moves through the sand which catches dirt and debris, keeping it out of your pool and pool equipment. Sand filters can be a bit pricey to set up but require less work in the long run, making it a better option for some pool owners.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters – Also called DE Filters, this type of filter can also be expensive at first. They are becoming popular with more and more pool owners because of the low maintenance requirements after initial set up is complete. They work very similarly to a sand filter, but instead of sand, there’s diatomaceous earth inside of the tank that clings to fabric grids and filters your pool water.

Which Filter Should You Choose?

The type of filtration system you use will, in part, be a matter of preference. Some do not want the initial expense of sand or DE filters and opt for less expensive cartridge filters, while others do not want the added maintenance and regular replacement costs of cartridge filters. 

Don’t let maintenance make the choice for you. Once you make your choice, at Pure Water Pool Services, we can do the upkeep for you.

Keeping Your Pool Clean

Regardless of which type of filtration system you opt for, professional and regular pool maintenance by experienced technicians is crucial. Clear, swim-ready water is the goal of any pool owner. We can make that happen. 

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