The pros at Pure Water Pool Service make pool pump repairs as quick and efficient as possible and service pools throughout Las Vegas, NV. All residential and commercial pools require some type of maintenance from time to time. We look forward to being your go-to source for both pump repair and replacements throughout the Vegas Valley.

The Heart Of Your Pool

Having your own swimming pool is almost essential with our desert heat. Pools entertain guests and are a convenient way to beat the high temperatures and enjoy our year-round sunshine. Keeping the water in your pool clean and healthy relies, in large part, on a properly working swimming pool pump. The pump works hard to circulate the water and ensure it makes it through the filter and that the chemicals are properly distributed.

Ignoring Problems Can Cost You

Ignoring a potential problem with your pump, even a small one, can end up being a costly mistake. DIY efforts can cause more damage, leading to the need for substantial repairs or replacement. A broken pool pump can lead to a pool that is unusable because of algae, bacteria, and dirt buildup. It’s not only unsightly but a health risk.

When you rely on Pure Water Pool Service for pump repair, we can get the job done quickly or advise you on the proper equipment if you require a replacement or new pump installation.

Signs Of A Troubled Pool Pump

How do you know if you need a pump repair or a replacement? It may not always be clear to the average homeowner. Many symptoms call for a thorough check-up by our experienced staff.

  • Your Pump Is Making New Sounds
  • You Notice Air Leaks
  • Water Leaks Or Decreased Water Levels
  • Pool Water Doesn’t Appear To Be Circulating
  • Your Pump Is More Than 10 Years Old
  • The Power Trips Shortly After Starting The Pump
  • Pump Motor Shuts Down Regularly

Replacements & Upgrades

Don’t rely on time-consuming trial and error or costly troubleshooting. Experienced pool professionals can spot if simple and inexpensive repairs are needed to get your swimming pool pump back in good shape. If a replacement is necessary, then consider an upgrade from your old equipment. Some options, like variable speed pumps, offer superior energy efficiency, which can save you money in the long run on operating costs.

We can help you choose the option that works with your lifestyle and your pool, spa, or hot tub.

Your Vegas Valley Pool Equipment Professionals

If you suspect that your pool pump is not operating as it should, don’t delay in getting it checked out. Contact Pure Water Pool Services today. We’ll have your Las Vegas or Henderson pool inspected, diagnosed, and repaired right away. Get back to enjoying the investment you’ve made in your swimming pool.