Get rid of green algae by scheduling a green pool cleaning with the sparkling pool team at Pure Water Pool Services in Las Vegas and Henderson. Swimming in algae blooms feels gross and comes with its own health risks. We’re here to get your water clean and clear again with professional green pool clean up and shock treatment.

Problems With Green Algae

Green Algae In Las Vegas PoolKnown to stain pools and harbor bacteria that can make swimmers sick, pool algae needs to be promptly removed by a professional. Algae spores easily multiply in the heat. So the climate of Nevada creates the perfect environment for pathogens to form. Algae blooms can even harbor E. Coli.

  • Slimy Coating On Skin
  • Promotes Bacteria Growth
  • Discolors & Stains Pool
  • Slip & Fall Hazard
  • Makes Rescue Efforts Harder

Types Of Swimming Pool Algae

Having a strange color in your pool is a good indication that your water has growing algae spores. There are several different shades of algae that reflect different colors, such as yellow, black, and pink. Believe it or not, “pink algae” are actually caused by bacteria.

Our Green Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Even though your pool’s algae color may not be green, it’s still considered a problem that needs to be removed by a professional green pool cleaning team fast and efficiently. We’re here to help you with quick, efficient service.

  • Chlorine Bath & Acid Wash
  • Deep Cleaning, Drain & Scrubbing
  • Regularly Scheduled Chemical Tests & Balancing
  • Pool Filter Replacements
  • Pool Vacuuming Services
  • Skimmer & Pump Basket Checks
  • Automatic Pool Cleaning System Maintenance

Regular Maintenance For An Algae-Free Pool

One of the biggest reasons you may have algae in your pool is because of chemical imbalances. Without regular chemical treatments, tests, and cleaning, the risk of algae spore growth increases. Our regular swimming pool maintenance services can help you avoid problems with this green water pest.

Green To Clean

A green pool should be treated by a professional pool cleaning service as soon as possible to avoid staining and other problems. If it’s been a while or you’ve inherited a foreclosed home with a pool, we can help you go from green to clean. You’ve invested in a swimming pool. It’s time to enjoy it.

Green Pool - Before
Green Pool Before Cleaning
Green Pool - After
Green Pool After Cleaning

Green Pool Services In Las Vegas

Not everyone knows how to clean a green pool properly. For knowledgeable technicians and quality service that can’t be beat rely on the Las Vegas and Henderson Pure Water Pool Services team. Call us today and schedule your green pool service to enjoy a crystal clear swimming pool again and all year long.